Catherine Nicolas

現在: 作品制作と修復を行なうラッカーアーティスト, パリ市内でラッカー技法を教えている。


Resides: Paris, France

Current: Lacquerer (creation and restoration), lacquer professor, City of Paris.

My work is strongly inspired by the traditional Japanese and Chinese Urushi lacquer, as well as European lacquer techniques. So I can use Urushi, European lacquer, or make my own varnishes from 18th Century European recipes. My inspiration comes from these three cultures, which I combine in my work, so as to create my own language. I also like to use unusual supports, and to associate new or different materials to show oppositions. Restoration and creation harmoniously coexist in my work. I believe that a strong knowledge and respect of all traditional skills and techniques, without restrictions, are essential to further personal innovation, and to nourish my own imagination according to my sensitivity and my education. Therefore I restore Asian collectors’ items, 18th Century European furniture, as well as ceramics using Kintsugi technique, as much as I create personal works or particular orders. Both conservation and creation nourishes each other, and enriches my art expression to become a real language. My greater desire is to wake up the sensitivity of the spectator!