Chantana Chamtim

ノンタブリ(バンコク郊外)在住/1965 ピッツァヌローク生まれ

“lai rod nam”はタイの漆作品で、黒い板の上に繊細な線で描かれたものだ。黒い漆塗りの板を用意し、ブラシを使用してHoradarn液で線を描いて金箔を全体に散らす。その後線を水で洗うと、金色の線がくっきりと表れる。私はこの技法で創作することを好む。繊細な線で描くことは瞑想と同様に私をリラックスさせ、心を平和にしてくれる。ブラシを使って描くことで自由を感じ、想像力が上がる。

Resides: Nonthaburi (suburb of Bangkok), Thailand/ Born: 1965, Phitsanulok

“lai rod nam” is Thai lacquer work. It is tiny and delicate lines on a black plate. To draw the design, the artist prepares the plate with a black lacquer of Rak tree. Then uses a brush to draw or paint the lines with Horadarn liquid. Places the golden leaves all over the plate. After that the artist must wash the Horadran lines with water. Then the glued golden lines will appear sharply and clearly. I prefer the lai rod nam technique to create my art work. To draw or paint with the tiny and delicate lines makes me feel relaxed and peaceful as same as when meditating. I also feel free using the brush to paint and draw. I also have more imagination while I do it.