Cong Kim Hoa

ハノイ在住/1962 ハノイ生まれ

Colliding: 人間と自然は常にぶつかり合っている。Balance: バランスは自然な動きで、自然にバランスが取れるようになっている。人間と自然は、存在と発展のために“バランス”と“衝突”を作り出す過程に参加している。私はアジアの女性アーティストとして、強い表現力と魅力的な要素を持つ漆を使って表現をするのが好きだ。

Resides: Hanoi, Vietnam/Born: 1962, Hanoi

Mother Nature always has hidden mysteries. There are days when human beings are on the track of discovering and making breakthroughs by destroying the balance. The substance of balance is moving. The state of moving is self-balance. These things exist together. That is the idea I want to express by art work, “COLLIDING” and “BALANCE”
Colliding: Human beings and Nature are colliding into each othe r every moment. Balance: Balance is natural movement and it is self-controlled. Human beings and nature are participating in the progress of creating “Balance” and “Collid ing” for existence and development. I, an Asian women artist, love to use lacquer because this material includes strong expression and charming elements needed to create art works.