神奈川県在住/1972 東京生まれ


Resides: Kanagawa/Born: 1972, Tokyo

What is urushi? What role does it play in modern times? Paint, adherence, color, gloss, preservation, waterproof, diversity of expressions, mystique; the allure of urushi is infinite. Its history in Japan and how it is used in other parts of the world show that it plays a major part in our lives. But there must be something else to it. If I could use urushi with a primitive instinct of long before the Jomon period (dating back to about 13,000 years), I believe something other than urushi would come to me.
I named my piece on exhibition a “scab.” For urushi trees, its sap that flows out of the wound of
its trunk is blood, and the urushi sap works the same way as a scab. After the earthquake and tsunami that struck Tohoku in March 2012, newspapers have been reporting the wounds that Japan had suffered. I hope urushi will be a scab that would hea l those wounds. Whenever people see their scar, they would recall and reflect o n what made the scar. I would like to use this piece to reflect on myself in meditation.