PARK Eunjeong

ソウル市在住/1979 ソウル市生まれ
現在: 淑明女子大学校 非常勤講師, 韓国漆芸家会会員, グループ「ott」会員


Resides: Seoul, Korea/Born: 1979, Seoul
Current: Lecturer Sookmyung Women’s University/Member of Korea Ottchil Arts Council/Member of Group “ott”

Items including sketching pencils and books, broken fret saws, brushes and rulers, or small shining pieces discarded here and there, are hidden inside urushi accessories attached on two-dimensional panels. The process of crafting an artwork by collecting and combining them brings about the joy and happiness of a child playing with his toys. Urushi accessories I’ve made are imbued with my trivial but precious feelings. I hope the artworks will become a channel that connects the viewers and me. I also hope the accessories might impress those who aren’t familiar with or have thought urushi art banal.