ZHU Chonghua

北京在住/1956 北京生まれ


Resides: Beijing, China/Born: 1956, Beijing

Natural urushi is a gift that has been handed down from our ancestors. The texture is smooth and moist, and the glossy surface glimmering. Its beauty allures and draws us into a divinely mysterious feeling. The urushi art is one of human’s oldest, and it has richly developed over the past generations. The tolerant nature of urushi has allowed the continuous growth and expansion of the art. The ancient art was completed because of urushi’s potency, and it has and will play its part in the development of modern art. My art works are practicable and have an effect to beautify a decorative space. I hope the modern urushi art will gain more citizenship in our daily life and the people would feel a lot closer to it. The lightness, beautiful painting, and the effect of reliefs are the charm of dried lacquerwares.